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MPC Fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve your optimum health & fitness through science-backed and innovative personal training. Workouts & meal plans on your phone, managed by your certified strength & conditioning coaches!

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  • $ 33
    Single class
  • Class Drop-in
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  • $ 49
    Per month
  • 12 Month Unlimited
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  • $ 99
    Single class
  • 6 Month Unlimited
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WAY More Energy

I am very happy with my 4 week progress, feel great and have WAY more energy than I did before! I can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks have in store.

— Ashley British Columbia

Everything you need for long-term results!

I’ve been using the @mpcfitnessapp to help me achieve my personal goals and I absolutely love it!⁣⁣ This is not like all the other workout plans. ⁣⁣You get a personal trainer at your fingertips! ⁣You have weekly consultations and they offer complete long-lasting solutions to reach your goals.⁣⁣

— Sara Ontario

Different Workouts Each Day

I enjoyed the different workouts each day, and loved how the intensity changes gradually!

— Sarah M. Canada

Made a Huge Difference!

Made a Huge Difference! I've barely ever worked out before starting with Adam & MPC Fitness. The 14-day detox and nutrition planning made a huge difference!

— Anonymous Ontario

Toned & Tight!

My legs are toned and tight and I've never looked better !!

— Sam R. Oregon

30 Minutes a Day

I Can't Believe It... After Years of Failing I Lost 85LB All From My Home in 30 Minutes Per Day

— Anonymous

Fit Back Into My Old Jeans

Over the last few years I was having the toughest time fitting into my Jeans. Pictures don't do it justice to how quickly I was able to get that back!

— Anonymous Mom U.S.

Finally Got Rid of the Pouch

I've always been into fitness and training but with the MPC Fitness app and 30 day fat loss protocol I was finally able to get rid of the pouch I've always had sitting on my belly.

— Anonymous

I Was New to Training and Fitness

I was new to training and fitness so my journey took a bit longer, but compared to my friends who have lost "some weight" my transformation happened in 140days! I bought the MPC fat loss protocol and also took advantage of double the deal for 1/2 the price. They really taught me how to eat healthy and cook efficiently for the week!

— Anonymous U.S.

Lost 3 Pounds in 2 Weeks

Lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks! Full of energy, don't feel fatigued.

— Jen L. Canada

Dropped 2 Dress Sizes

Dropped 2 dress sizes in 8 weeks!!

— Lauren U.S.

Easier & More Motivating

The information helped me understand WHY I'm doing this. Adam made things so much easier and more motivating!

— Christine U.S.