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MPC Fitness is dedicated to helping you achieve your optimum health & fitness through science-backed and innovative personal training. Workouts & meal plans on your phone, managed by your certified strength & conditioning coaches!

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Women don’t realize how good their body is supposed to look & feel. Speak with your Doctor, Trainer & Nutritionist for the best methods to implement these protocols to maximize results—for FREE. Limited spots available!

Why Our Success Rate is 90%

We’re not like these other gimmicky fitness company’s that just throws you a PDF file or a bunch of videos to watch. Our state-of-the-art app is custom-tailored to YOUR specific programming, with our certified experts constantly on the other side, working with you to ensure your success. You haven’t seen anything like it on the market. Real people, real results.

Your exercise plan is tailored by your certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Track all of your workouts and nutrition through your private, personalized app.

Progress is faster with your 1-to-1 Coach & accountability every step of the way.

Your plan is optimized to help you feel better, function better, and maximize your health!

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Speak with our certified Strength & Conditioning Coach for free, and we’ll discuss:


✅ Secrets to building your dream physique day by day.


✅ How to have your hormones work for you rather than against you, making results easy and adjustments to ensure menopause does not slow you down!


✅ The best natural supplements that help you lose fat fast!


✅ Powerfully, how you can set up a routine that makes things easy for you to be Lean & Fit, to develop that peachy-toned-butt & the body you’ve always wanted!

What Our Clients Are Saying

WAY More Energy

I am very happy with my 4 week progress, feel great and have WAY more energy than I did before! I can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks have in store.

— Ashley British Columbia

Everything you need for long-term results!

I’ve been using the @mpcfitnessapp to help me achieve my personal goals and I absolutely love it!⁣⁣ This is not like all the other workout plans. ⁣⁣You get a personal trainer at your fingertips! ⁣You have weekly consultations and they offer complete long-lasting solutions to reach your goals.⁣⁣

— Sara Ontario

Different Workouts Each Day

I enjoyed the different workouts each day, and loved how the intensity changes gradually!

— Sarah M. Canada

Made a Huge Difference!

Made a Huge Difference! I've barely ever worked out before starting with Adam & MPC Fitness. The 14-day detox and nutrition planning made a huge difference!

— Anonymous Ontario

Toned & Tight!

My legs are toned and tight and I've never looked better !!

— Sam R. Oregon

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Over 500
Body Transformations!

At MPC Fitness, we are passionate about helping people to reach their fitness goals. Finding the right information to help you maximize results can be overwhelming. Work with us to get in the best shape of your life!